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We work with oceantech entrepreneurs to build companies that improve ocean health.

The deterioration of ocean health is an existential threat to humanity.

Okeanos Capital advises bluetech entrepreneurs and helps them gain access to an economic opportunity that’s projected to be worth US$3 trillion annually.

What We Do
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Why Work With Us

We have a rare and unique set of experiences that sit at the axes of the blue economy, venture capital, traditional asset classes and the public sector.

Why Work With Us
How We Do It
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We work with ventures at the earliest stages and add value through developing a financing plan, corporate strategy, and introductions to customers. We have the ability to help the companies exit due to experience in M&A at mature stages.

Working with our portfolio companies, we help our clients measure, estimate and report on their ESG metrics as best they can.

How We Do It

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Our Strategy

We understand that bluetech startups have a different development path than other verticals. That’s why we work with you to develop physical technologies, digital technologies or both. We will help you apply the right business model, milestones and timeline for your business.


I had a great experience working with Andrew Gannon while raising our Pre-Seed round. As a person he is very approachable and down to earth. He has a deep understanding of bluetech, and was quick to understand our value proposition and ask very relevant questions. He was meticulous in his execution, but was also willing to help by providing information and insights when needed. Overall, Andrew is a competent and professional advisor, and it was my pleasure working with him.

Mina Mekhail, CEO and Founder

Impactful Health R&D

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